“The Everything Binder is one of those things you don’t realize you need until you really need it. I highly recommend it."
Tim D. & Cristina C.
“When I lost my husband, I used the checklist in The Everything Binder to guide me through the planning process. It was invaluable information during a time when I really needed direction.”
Nicole V.
“Because our mother used The Everything Binder, the difficult time of her passing was made a little easier, knowing we had all the information in one place."
Nicole V.
“If there was a fire, The Everything Binder will be the first thing I grab. It is in one location and easy to transport. Thanks so much!"
Scott H.
“As a single person, with no children, The Everything Binder was priceless. It gives me great comfort in knowing my family will find all my personal and financial affairs in one location.”
Kathy S.
“The MPH System was very user-friendly and easy to complete. Thank you!”
JoAnn P.
“The Everything Binder helps you take care of what’s important, so you can take care of who’s important.”
Kathleen P.